Database Programming

The web is not just about online brochures and simple e-commerce. Companies everywhere are using internet based applications to manage their information, documents, employees and processes. Most companies can benefit from a online database, but few smaller companies have the resources to make it possible. employs programming experts in Java, ASP, .NET and PHP who can put together a web application tailored specifically to your business.

When you need much more than a website, we deliver custom scalable web based technology to fit your business needs. A web interface to powerful back-end software to automate business tasks. We work in several platforms including RedHat Enterprise Linux, Windows .NET, Apache and IIS, ColdFusion, BlueDragon, ASPX, SQL and MySQL.’s Database Programming Team has been able to develop cutting-edge technology because of its commitment to the ongoing assimilation of the newest database programming languages and to the concept that software should meet all of the needs of a client, not just some or most of the needs.

We have helped several companies reach their technology goals by leveraging the web to maximize efficiency and automate business processes. We work closely with corporate IT departments to implement the most cost effective and appropriate solutions.