Search Engine Marketing

We’re different from other search marketing firms in several important ways. First, we come from traditional marketing backgrounds. So we’ll take a very strategic look at your total marketing and branding efforts, because we want to make certain we add to – and not in any way detract from – your company’s overall sales goals.

Second, we don’t believe in making search engine marketing some mysterious techno-science. Instead, in simple English, your experienced account rep will explain exactly what we’re doing – and why.

Third, we don’t just do a one-time search engine optimization push. You’ve learned that your website isn’t static; you can’t simply put it up and say it’s done. It needs to evolve just like your company does. You need to regularly monitor its effectiveness, and then make appropriate changes.

The same goes for our approach to search marketing. To us, optimizing your website is only one of an array of search engine optimization services we might employ on your behalf – others include pay per click, back-linking, feed syndication, on-site optimization, search engine reputation management, etc.

In other words, we’re going to think creatively, like any good marketer does, to develop an overall, on-going search marketing program for you.